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Let’s Work Together

At Customized Recruitment, we understand that non-profit organizations are vital to our society. Whether it be charities or advocacy groups and associations, we are passionate about helping non-profits across Canada flourish by partnering with you to attract and keep the best talent out there.

Through our extensive support and knowledge of employee retention, we’re committed to building your team and fostering growth for the long term. Often times, non-profits are forced to do more with less, so when a vacancy arises, it’s difficult to make the time to do a thorough and dedicated recruitment.

If a leadership role is vacant, it falls to the Board to manage the recruitment. This is especially challenging when boards are often volunteer positions and many times Board Directors have full time occupations. We are able to manage the complete recruitment process ensuring that there is an unbiased and professional recruitment process delivered at a fee affordable to a non-profit’s budget. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for your charity, community or industry, you serve.

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10 Step Hiring Process

A disciplined process enables Customized Recruitment to have predictable, repeatable success in filling roles of all levels and across a variety of complex industries. Each step requires expert knowledge. Customized Recruitment facilitates the entire process, saving you valuable time. Hiring managers receive a researched, refined and perfectly curated group of candidates to interview and make an informed hiring decision.