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Tamara Olson

Senior Recruiter


About Tamara Olson

What city do you live in?
Winnipeg, Manitoba
What other cities have you lived in?
Kenora, Ontario
How many years have you been a Recruiter?
25 Years!
What types of industries do you have experience in?

Human Resources Management

Feedback Process

I am fair and honest.

Interview Structure

Behavioral Interview

Recruiting Motivation

I love people and helping people realize their dream career.

Favorite Roles

I love the challenge of recruiting for all roles and especially learning about different roles.

Recruiting Experience

Health care, I.T., Cyber Security and Executive level roles

Favorite Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself and the journey you took to get to this point in your career.

Key To A Successful Recruiting Process

I think listening is the most important skill in recruitment. I love to listen to how people solve problems, everyone has something they can teach you.

Are you responsible for checking references?
Why do companies like working with you

I am a positive person with many years of experience. I am a hard worker and I’m always ready to learn and take on a new challenge.

What is your favourite recruiting story?

Any recruiter I have ever worked with I am still friends with. All the teams I have worked with over the years have shaped me as a person and professional.


I am a hockey coach. I think this pushes me out of my comfort zone every time I’m on the ice. I see these young female player push themselves to be the best and it inspires me to to the same and always stive to be an positive role mode.

Do you have pets?

I have a poodle named Michael and a handsome orange tabby named Louis. I think pets make sure we are responsible and empathetic.