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Customized Recruiting
Will Help You

Talent acquisition is essential to the health of all businesses. Entrepreneurs of small and medium sized business should have the freedom to focus on their passion and their area of expertise. While large organizations may have recruiting departments, that isn’t practical for all organizations. This is where Customized Recruiting can help.

Attracting the right candidates for a position is the first step in making a successful hire. If there is a misfit with the applicants, it can turn into a very costly experience. Making the wrong selection can cost up to 30% of the employee’s salary in the first year. Given the importance of selecting the right candidate, companies need to invest in effective, efficient, and top-quality talent acquisition practices.

Customized Recruitment uses a 10-step recruiting process that starts by understand the needs of the role and crafting a compelling job posting. Expert advice is at your service through to the successful hiring of top talent for your business.


10 Step Hiring Process

A disciplined process enables Customized Recruitment to have predictable, repeatable success in filling roles of all levels and across a variety of complex industries. Each step requires expert knowledge. Customized Recruitment facilitates the entire process, saving you valuable time. Hiring managers receive a researched, refined and perfectly curated group of candidates to interview and make an informed hiring decision.