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We Love Recruiting

We love recruiting for all types of positions from entry level to professional!

Whether it be a receptionist with an amazing customer service focus who is the first point on contact for your business, or an Accounting & Finance Manager responsible for the financial success of your organization, we know the questions to ask, the information that needs to be verified and the ability to ensure we provide you with candidates that meet all the requirements of your role.

Areas that we have experience and success in are: customer service, sales, marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, Information and Technology, General Management and Operations

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10 Step Hiring Process

A disciplined process enables Customized Recruitment to have predictable, repeatable success in filling roles of all levels and across a variety of complex industries. Each step requires expert knowledge. Customized Recruitment facilitates the entire process, saving you valuable time. Hiring managers receive a researched, refined and perfectly curated group of candidates to interview and make an informed hiring decision.