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About Nish Jamal

What city do you live in?
How many years have you been a Recruiter?
0ver 10 years
What types of industries do you have experience in?

My Human Resource degree, has laid a strong groundwork in HR principles, including recruitment and selection procedures, employment law, organizational behavior, and talent management. Through my degree, I have acquired valuable knowledge and skills in these areas. I recognize the importance of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends to enhance my expertise and remain effective in the field.

Interview Technique

The the evaluation techniques I utilize can be flexible and tailored to meet the specific requirements of the role and the recruitment process within the organization. By employing a combination of techniques, I aim to gather a comprehensive understanding of each candidate’s skills, qualifications, and overall suitability for the position. This adaptable approach allows for a more holistic evaluation and increases the likelihood of selecting the best candidate for the role.

Feedback Process

When providing feedback I try to ensure that the feedback is constructive, clear, and helpful. I encourage an open dialogue that fosters two way conversations. I try to give specific examples and observations and highlight area that require improvement. I provide actionable suggestions for improvement. At all times deliver feedback in a respectful and empathetic manner.

Recruiter Motivation

My genuine passion for working with people. Connecting with candidates, comprehending their career aspirations, and assisting them in finding suitable employment opportunities bring me immense satisfaction. The process of building and nurturing relationships is a vital part of recruitment that I deeply appreciate, as it empowers me to have a positive impact on individuals’ career paths. Furthermore, the prospect of shaping organizations by identifying and attracting top talent from diverse backgrounds is a strong motivator for me. By curating an inclusive workforce, I believe I can actively contribute to their growth and overall success.

Favorite Roles

Depending on the unique requirements of the organization and industry, there are several excellent roles to consider when recruiting. Among my preferred roles are Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Business Consultant/Advisor and Human Resource positions.

Recruiting Experience

As an entrepreneur for over a decade, I bring extensive recruitment experience across diverse roles. From marketing and accounting to administration, operations management, and training, I possess firsthand knowledge of the specific requirements for each position. This enables me to effectively evaluate candidates based on the necessary skills and qualities. Having been involved in all aspects of running a business, including defining job responsibilities and qualifications, I conduct thorough job analyses to capture the essential competencies. With a strong background in hiring for my own ventures, I excel at assessing candidates’ qualifications, potential, and cultural fit using various techniques. Additionally, my entrepreneurial journey equips me with an understanding of the challenges, passion, and drive entrepreneurs possess, enabling me to identify candidates who align with this mindset and thrive in a dynamic environment.

Favorite Interview Questions

I find behavioral interview questions to be highly effective. By exploring past experiences, these questions offer valuable insights into their problem solving capabilities, decision making aptitude, and alignment with the company’s culture.

Key To A Successful Recruiting Process

In addition to having clear job descriptions, implementing a well-structured interview process and conducting comprehensive reference checks are crucial. Equally important is making timely decisions and extending offers promptly to selected candidates, as this helps secure top talent and prevents them from considering competing opportunities. Regularly reviewing and refining the recruitment process based on feedback and industry best practices is also essential for continuous improvement and achieving better outcomes.

Applicant References

Before conducting a reference check, I carefully review the candidate’s application materials and make note of specific areas or qualities I want to discuss and revise my reference questionnaire accordingly. When asking questions, I try to avoid simple yes or no inquiries and instead use open-ended questions that prompt the reference to provide detailed information about the candidate’s performance and abilities. I aske for examples or situations where the candidate demonstrated specific skills or encountered challenges. Additionally, I verify their relationship, job title.

Have you ever hired a candidate who did not possess the necessary qualifications for the job?


Why do companies like working with you?

My collaborative nature allows me to effectively work with teams positive and productive working environment. I am always open to learning and acquiring new knowledge. My professionalism, respectfulness, and empathy towards others contribute to strong relationships and effective communication. Lastly, I prioritize professionalism, integrity, and ethical practices in all aspects of my work, ensuring trust and reliability. These qualities, combined with my commitment to delivering excellent results, make me a valuable asset to companies.

Favourite Recruiting Story

I witnessed a situation where one of our clients made racist comments during a recruitment process. The incident deeply reflected a clear violation of our company’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion. In response, my boss took swift action and made the decision to revoke the contract with the client, demonstrating our zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior. This incident reinforced the importance of upholding ethical standards in recruiting and reaffirmed my commitment to promoting a fair, inclusive, and respectful hiring process for all candidates.


Maintaining a regular workout routine is an essential part of my daily life as it helps me maintain mental clarity. As a recruiter, I occasionally encounter situations where a highly promising candidate doesn’t meet the expectations of a company. Engaging in physical exercise allows me to start each day with renewed energy and a fresh mindset. Exploring the culinary world and trying out new recipes is a therapeutic activity that brings me joy. Additionally, I find working from various cafes to be a refreshing change of environment, providing me with different perspectives and inspiration. Moreover, I have a passion for traveling and learning about different cultures, as it allows me to gain a deeper understanding of my candidates and their unique backgrounds.