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Roxanne Sabourin Pritchard

Bilingual Recruiter  


About Roxanne Sabourin Pritchard

What city do you live in?
What other cities have you lived in?
St. Jean Baptiste
How many years have you been a Recruiter?
5 years
What types of industries do you have experience in?

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Interview Technique

I typically start with a small chat, then thank them for their interest in our posting followed up an introduction of my own. I then explain the purpose and process on this preliminary interview. Talk about the position/client and move into asking questions about their resume. The questions are typically focused on filling in any gaps or areas that need elaborating. Next I give an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions. Once answered, I conclude with next steps. I provide them with my contact information and a general timeline of when to get information regarding the next steps.

Feedback Process

I call/email the candidate. Thank them for their interest and time in applying for the position and inform them their application will not be moving forward at this time. Should anything change I will be in touch.

Recuiter Motivation

Successfully matching candidates and clients is thrilling and noble work. Most of us need to work to live and being part of that is rewarding. Clients need to find that puzzle piece that will make their business successful or less stressful which is most satisfying.

Favorite Roles

I love a variety.

Recruiting Experience

I have specialized knowledge and experience in agricultural roles. I use my network to identify the most suitable candidates for a particular role.

Favorite Interview Questions

My favorite interview question is “What would you say is the most proud moment in your career history that is not listed on your resume?”

Key To A Successful Recruiting Process

Based on my experience, the key element that contributes to a successful recruitment process is my personal connection with each candidate and the client. This improves communication and sets up a successful search.

Are you responsible for checking references?
Applicant References

We have a reference template that is used.

Have you ever hired a candidate who did not possess the necessary qualifications for the job?


Why do companies like working with you

Customized Recruitment is efficient, effective and customizable.

What is your favourite recruiting story?

Working with a client that disclosed they needed a unicorn and we we were successful. This shaped my approach to working on any search and proved we can do hard things.


Personal hobbies can help create a connection with a client or candidate and spark a relationships or trust.

Do you have pets? 

I have a pet and it has led me to appreciate that I cannot mold everything to fit just right and accept different attitudes.